Michał Pasierbski

I create back-ends, and I love what I do!

Hi, I'm Michał. Nice to see you.

I started my adventure in programming at primary school, where I created my first startups. Since then, I've been creating web applications mainly. I am currently in an IT school, but at the same time, I create several websites that I can boast.

Programming and me

I love programming in JS, PHP and SQL languages, but I'm the best at PHP. I devote a lot of time to programming websites, and as a result, I acquire new skills that I can use in my further projects. I also occasionally create desktop applications for Windows OS and mobile applications for Android OS.

My projects

In my free time, I create various websites. Some of them go "to the drawer" and others "into the ether". At this point, I've decided to put in that place projects which have disappeared into the depth of the Internet. Whenever I collect them, I'll publish them on my GitHub, LinkedIn, Dribbble and Twitter (thumb up to be up to date;) ).


If you think that I could be useful in the implementation of your project or just want to talk to me, I do not see any obstacles :-). I'm available Mon-Fri from 5 pm and at weekends.

Email: michal@pasierbski.eu
Facebook: @Pasierbski
Messenger: @Pasierbski
Telegram: @Pasierbski
Twitter: @Pasierbskieu